Monday, December 19, 2005 

! Get Your Bike Bling Here !

Thanks everyone for coming out to the Red Square!

The show was a success and the party afterward was super fun to!

We still have some things left so if you want something contact us for availability please do so. deets @

There are several more T-shirt designs that need to be uploaded and some more items such as watchbands and other belt designs. If you want to be contacted with new updates please contact us deets @

One thing that we have noticed is that people want this stuff for themselves, so this isn't really the best season for this retail experiment. We aren't going anywhere so feel free to come back after the holidays, when you don't feel so guilty about spending money on yourselves. We are also working to set this up to be more ecommerce like so we will have a paypal acct and a shipper fairly soon.

There have been a couple of hundred visitors to this blog since we have gone live. We have tracked visitors from all over Canada, the US and the globe. It is great to see that bikers around the world are getting to see our stuff. We are interested in any thoughts that you may have about the work and also just making friends.

So please leave a comment or just say Hi!




Thursday, December 15, 2005 

! Join us at the Red Square Christmas Bazaar !

Hey Biker
Join the MC3 at the legendary
East Van craft sale

The Red Square

3 to 10, Saturday Dec 17th
1435 Commercial

Scroll or Click

to see examples of our schwag.

We will be presenting
+ Bicycle tire belts & buckles by Zoot Katz.
+ Bike chain bracelets, belts, &
t-shirts with patches
by Jim.
+Some stuff by David too.
All original designs.
Drop by for all your biker bling+++

See you Saturday +


! hero bracelets !

ecycled road tire lined with velvet, embroidery stitching, durable
industrial snaps.

Assorted treads and colours.


! bike love wear !

Propaganda hand stitched onto 100% cotton hoodies & Ts. small-run screenprinted patches, with hand painted detailing.

leeveless Classic Girl brand hoodies.
cream or pink patches on skybomb blue.

Black Ts with pink or black patches.

Sizes: blue hoodie in girlframe medium.
black Ts in boyframe small & medium.


! lockring belts !

Recycled bottom-bracket lockring buckles; bike chain roller plates mounted on nylon webbing

Hand stitched,
various sizes.

Fly when worn through the loops or draped over the hips.


! drive train bracelets !

Bike chain roller links mounted on heavy gauge elastic cord. claspless & bare to the bone.

Sizes: lil sis to hulking. custom order available for human oddities.


! vegan kink !

ruelty-free bondage cuffs

Recycled road tire lined with willing velvet. reliable industry- standard buckles, rivets and rings designed to surpass human endurance. pitiless embroidered stitching.
$70 a pair

foreign-exchange student to bend-over boyfriend.

lave collar with cuffs for
maximum compliance.
$110 a set


! chain bracelets !

Deconstructed bike chain, nylon webbing
& industrial snaps.

Sizes: kid sis to hulking


! high zut street gear !

Each belt is an individual creation hand crafted from recycled bicycle parts. buckles are made of nickel plated steel & stainless steel spokes with a nickeled brass nipple. belts are high-threadcount biased-ply nylon; some belts have an extra layer of kevlar.


P = Petite, kids ok ~24-28"
S = Svelte ~28-32"
M = Most people ~30-34"
L = Luscious ~36-40"
LX = Luxuriant ~42-46"

Sprocket buckles

Rectangular & round chain buckles

Every belt & buckle is guaranteed for 200,000 kilometres.